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The United States Border Wall

What is the Purpose of a Wall?

Walls have been around for a very long time. There have been all kinds of walls created that serve various purposes. The simplest form of a wall could possibly be the walls that make up the homes we live in. A single home has walls without and within. Walls in our homes keep out extreme heat in the blazing hot Summer and extreme cold in the fierce cold of Winter. Walls in our homes contain windows so we can see out and others can

see in. Inside our homes walls divide living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, attics and basements. The walls in our homes also serve another important purpose. They keep unwanted intruders out and protect us from being hurt or even killed. Locks in the doors that are in the walls also help protect us.

I do not intend to make this page a history of walls because anyone who has read enough books and watched enough movies knows that walls have played many roles throughout the world but I believe the most important role they all play is keeping occupants safe.

The Border Wall  

There is much controversy about building a wall around the Southern border of the United States.  It is not that anyone believes a wall is not needed.  (See the videos posted on the side bar of this page).  It is, in my personal opinion, a partisan issue by some who despise the President of this nation enough that they are willing to put Americans at risk for political gain or personal vendetta.  The leaders of this juvenile group are Chuck Schumer and his fellow democrat Nancy Pelosi, however the entire democrat party has also fallen in line in 

a brazen attempt to circumvent the will of American citizens who largely favor building the wall.  The media has become a political tool of the democrat party and refuses to report anything that might throw a positive light on the many accomplishments of the President.  

Supplementing this outrageous abuse of power is a press corps that is owned by six corporations that form a near monopoly on news coverage.  The press has become so corrupt that the President has avoided using them and has chosen to go direct to the citizens of America through a few social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook.  Unfortunately they are corrupt too.  On the positive side are man patriotic citizens who

have refused to bow to the pressure of the major corporations and print everything they  can exposing corruption and fighting to return our nation to sanity.    

Citizens understand that the threat of gangs, rapists, drug trafficking and human trafficking are very real issues that need to be confronted and stopped.  In addition, the tax burden on citizens to provide for the illegal immigrants in our nation is staggering and illegals gladly take advantage of the generous nature of our people enjoying many freebies that require nothing of them.  It is my strong opinion that all illegals who do not report to government facilities should be rounded up and deported until they can come in legally.  Illegals in our nation are criminals flouting our laws and living off our citizens, and the President has a plan for legal immigration that would put an end to the freebie crowd and allow those into America who intend to assimilate and contribute to this nation swearing allegiance to our country and abiding by our Constitution and other laws.  

Currently there are large groups of people who have marched or are marching intending to enter our nation.  Some have already reached our borders and have been stopped short in Mexico.  Others have succeeded in crossing the border illegally and are being detained.  I know that some of them will be deported because it is only right that they are not allowed to just come here and force themselves on America.  That is what invaders do.  People who have legally immigrated over the years have never been a problem because they all honor our laws and see their citizenship in America as valuable and in need of protection.

People have been encouraging the "open borders crowd" to open up their homes to some of these illegal immigrants.  Chuck and Nancy and the democrats have been called out for their hypocritical stance because they will not open their homes to these people but are more than willing to push them on the taxpayers of our nation for support.  It is time that we put that wall up to secure our borders and hand strong vetting for every person who wants to apply for citizenship.  There is not a single American who would not gladly welcome all immigrants who intend to be devoted and productive citizens contributing to the building of America as proud citizens of the greatest and most powerful nation on earth.      

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