President Trump, Q and Millions of Patriots


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A Nation Being Torn Apart

The nation was going downhill for decades and the former administration did as much damage

as possible to carry on the task of deliberately dismantling America. People were losing hope

and there was much turmoil as globalism and socialism and terrorism stalked our citizens in unrelenting persistence. The final plan was in place as Hillary Clinton was running for election and those who despised out nation believed that she would be the last link needed to rip America from its roots and turn our nation into a third world globalist community enslaved by elites.

It was during this turbulent time that I took pen in hand to write a poem declaring our plight as a nation whose freedoms were being threatened as chaos was everywhere.

America The Beautiful?

America the beautiful? Is this the land we knew?

One nation under God we say, the red, white and blue,

But tyrants now have gained the rule of our beloved land,

And God who blessed this country is ignorantly banned.

He isn't welcome in our schools or in our government.

This nation now has closed their ears to those that God has sent,

To warn them of their foolishness and all their wickedness,

How long this arrogance will last is anybody's guess.

We somehow seem to think that God will bless us just the same,

As we reject his holy word and live in open shame.

We murder children in the womb and flaunt perverted sex,

As daily, and without remorse we scorn the holy text.

Like Rome of old we laugh and play and party on in sin,

While evil men have plotted to destroy us from within,

As blind as Rome we never stop to think about our fate,

Until, like Rome, our country dies and then t'will be too late.

Is this to be the final word and will this nation fall,

Or will we somehow find a way to once again stand tall?

If we will bow before God's throne in true humility,

The God we spurned will heal our land and once more make it free.

Will we be willing to admit our sins at mercy's door

Or will we choose to block God out as we have done before?

I pray that all who read these words will turn to God and pray,

That he might spare this nation and wash our sins away.

C R Lord © May 28, 2011

And then God sent a man who wasn't a politician and who couldn't be bought

This site is a feeble attempt by a person who isn't politically literate to explain what happened when Donald J. Trump came on the scene and began to turn America back to being the once great nation she was before the insidious attacks of her enemies. That attack encompassed decades of deceit cleverly planned and perpetrated on a gullible and unsuspecting populace who became too relaxed and comfortable and got taken in by traitors who despised our way of life, our Constitution and our great freedoms. Their goal was a one world government run by a few elites along with a one world religion run by worshipers of an ancient god who demanded sacrifice of children and was merciless and cruel. God had his own plan to ruin their schemes. The plan began when a smart businessman threw his hat in the ring to be President.